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Our Facilities Include the Following:-

· Computer Aided Design and Manufacture (we can take Catia, Iges Step and other proprietary formats)

· Computer Aided Inspection and Measurement Facilities

· Computer Aided and Traditional Model/Pattern makers

· Resin & Composite tooling

· General Engineering

· Spray Metal Tooling and Models

· Vacuum Forming Tools

· Foam Mould Tools

· Assembly Fixtures

· Trim Fixtures

· Checking Fixtures

· Architectural Patterns and Castings

· On Site Tooling Repair/Maintenance Service

· Rapid Prototyping Service

· Turnkey Projects and Project Management

· Prototype Parts

· Autoclave tools

· Re production of classic car parts/Mould tools


2400 mm diameter pedestal pattern2300 mm dia pattern top view

2400 dia pattern


2440 Dia Pattern

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Text Box: Foundry Patterns

Foundry Core Boxes

Fixture & Models

Mould & Vacuum Form Tools

Composite parts, Castings, Prototyping and Rapid Parts

Machined Parts & Assemblies

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Robinson Pattern Equipment LtdHurco VMX60M High speed cnc machine
with 1560x660 capacity for cutting Iron, steel, stainless, model board and plasticsAutomotive cutting rig on welded and machined fabrication for cutting leather seat covers

Hurco VMX60M