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Mould tools can be manufactured In various materials:-

Tooling Board, Aluminium and steel with manual, pneumatic, hydraulic open/close and clamping options, or incorporated into the customer’s existing facilities.

We can also make short run mould tools for prototype parts

For industries as diverse as packaging, automotive etc.

Vacuum forming tools can be made for forming complex 3D forms in resins or aluminium or for blister packs as used in the packaging industries.

Mould Tools for the composites industries incorporating heating/cooling channels suitable for autoclaves etc

Blister pack vacuum forming multi impression vac form toolsfoam mould tool water heatedAuto sequence foam mould toolAlum water heated mould tool

Vacuum Blister Packs


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Mould & Vacuum Form Tools

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Robinson Pattern Equipment LtdClassic car upper dash vacuum form and foam mould tool (low volume)