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Robinson Pattern Equipment Ltd was established in 1968 to offer a traditional Pattern Making service to the foundry industry. Over the years, this base has been expanded on to provide technical engineering services to many industries and companies.

The Company now serves the following market areas:

· Large international foundry groups (supplying to Ford, Audi, VW, Renault, Daimler Chrysler etc.)

· Multinational Plastic Interior Trim Companies. (supplying to Jaguar Land Rover, Aston Martin, Bentley Toyota etc.)

· General Purpose Moulded Products (e.g. Edinburgh Sheriff Court, Windsor Castle etc.)

· Medical sector with bespoke tooling.

· And Oil and Gas sector with pump bodies, filters etc.

Our Client base has been built on:

· Excellent customer service

· Technical expertise and backup

· Speed and response and most importantly

· Quality and value for money

Our aim is to Create Product Excellence through:-

· Skill

· Knowledge

· Technology.

Text Box: Foundry Patterns

Foundry Core Boxes

Fixture & Models

Mould & Vacuum Form Tools

Composite parts, Castings, Prototyping and Rapid Parts

Machined Parts & Assemblies

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